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RISE UP : A Literary Challenge



    The Rise Up Challenge

    Entries are due April 30, 2017

    This writing challenge is designed to help you talk about bullies with adults who care about you.  The adults promise to (1) listen first; (2) ask you questions; and (3) work with you to develop strategies to go high in the face of bullies.  You can write an essay in response to any one of the questions below.  (Click here to read the entire challenge prompt.)  Remember that bullying takes place when someone uses words, actions, and looks to make others feel bad about themselves.

    Option 1:      Have you ever used your gifts, talents, and abilities to bully others?

    Option 2:    Have you ever watched someone bully another person?

    Option 3:      Has someone ever used words, actions, or looks to make you feel bad about yourself?


    Entries are due by April 30, 2017.  To submit entries:

    by mailP.O. Box 77, League City, TX, 77573


     Winners announced and journals distributed in Summer 2017.

    For help with your essay or questions about the Challenge, call (713) 893-7836.

    The Rise Up Challenge Writing Prompt

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