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Faith Communities

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    Faith communities can become a Winter 2013 Literary Challenge Partner by making any or all of the following commitments.  Get started by exploring the website and creating a user account if you are the leader of a faith community or the Challenge LIAISON to your faith community.

    ANNOUNCE Announce the Winter 2013 Literary Challenge to your congregation.
    ENDORSE Post the Challenge prompt when it becomes available.
    PROMOTE Read the Challenge prompt aloud in services.
    SUPPORT Appoint a LIAISON for your congregation.
    FACILIATE Host a training for the LIAISON and SUPPORTERs in your congregation.
    COLLABORATE  Incorporate the Challenge into your Youth Ministry.  Discuss the Challenge and the Challenge prompt in Sunday School, Youth Meetings, etc., and set aside some time for CHALLENGERs to work on their submissions.
    CELEBRATE Share CHALLENGERs’ essays with your congregation by printing them in a church bulletin, allowing CHALLENGERs to post printed copies on your bulletin board, or allowing CHALLENGERs to read their essays aloud to the congregation. 
    SERVE Nominate or appoint a representative of your church to serve as a COACH, PUBLICATION EDITOR, or JUDGE.